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Website Consolidation

Most corporate web infrastructures have developed piecemeal over the last decade or more. Individual projects will have been pursued by different business units using a disparate array of technologies. On an corporate level, the immediate results are unnecessarily high costs for licensing, infrastructure and administration, and a negative effect on overall uptime and reliability.

Equally worrying, is the fact that the company's main communication channel becomes a disjointed, disparate array of information islands that creates barriers to the efficient sharing of information and the immense potential value of a unified web presence.

Web consolidation is the obvious answer and eZ Publish is the intelligent solution:

One of the most significant costs in website consolidation comes from managing change for the end user. Different groups within the company will have become wedded to the idiosyncrasies of their current CMS or web solution. Retraining and ongoing user support can rapidly escalate product costs. To combat this eZ Publish offers:

Practicality and end-user ease of use

Online Training

Why consolidate on a closed proprietary platform? There are plenty of reasons to choose and Open Source solution: avoiding vendor lock-in, simplified integration with the broader IT infrastructure and zero licensing cost that can deliver greater returns to scale the larger the project. Traditionally the only reason to shun open source has been the lack of product support and accountability, this is why eZ Publish offers:

Full commercial product responsibility and enterprise grade support

Finally, whilst cost savings are important, any choice of new platform for a large scale corporate web infrastructure has to be up to the job. eZ Publish offers an Open Source CMS which has been tested and proven in the largest global corporations and against the most stringent government security environments:

Security and Control

Strong, scalable architecture and straightforward code quality

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EMC awarded D&B Rating 1

EMC are proud to announce that on 13th July 2010 we were awarded Dun & Bradstreet's Rating 1 status.

Only 15% of businesses in the UK are in receipt of this rating, which reflects companies with the highest level of creditworthiness and the minimum risk of failure.

Highlands Council Chooses Open Source for Latest Web Project

Enterprise Management Consulting chosen to implement and support content management system for the Northern Potential Project.